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All Tours in Cajamarca , Tours, activities, sightseeing tours, tourism, travel packages, small group tours, private tours, transfers, hotels, organized trips and more, It is the most important city in the northern highlands of Peru, located at 2750 meters above sea level on the eastern slopes of the Andes. Cajamarca offers as a tourist destination archaeological sites, hot springs, is famous for his participation in the history of Peru, Cajamarca is a highly recommended destination..

Cajamarca Tours Peru

Cajamarca City Tour

Cajamarca city tour, involve the most important attractions of the city, explore it. see more ..

Cajamarca Tours Peru  Otuzco windows

Otuzco windows

Visit the Necropolis of Otuzco, small windows, Otuzco is a remarkable monument see more.

Cajamarca Tours Peru  Cumbemayo Tours

Cumbemayo complex

Cumbemayo is an archaeological site located at 3,500 masl, 20 km. from Cajamarca..see more .

Cajamarca Tours Peru  Porcon Farm

Granja Porcon

Porcón farm lives a life apart from the madness of the city see more

Cajamarca Tours Peru  Hacienda La Colpa

Hacienda La Colpa

Located 11 km. from Cajamarca, dedicated to raising cattle & sheep, it presents an.. see more.

Cajamarca Tours Peru  - Kunturwasi archaological complex

Kuntur Wasi complex+museum

Kuntur Wasi is an archaeological site dating from the Lower Formative.. .see more

Cajamarca Tours Peru  - Lady of Pacopampa

Lady of Pacopampa in Chota

A stone stele, Pacopampa (province of Chota) a greatest archaeological sitesee more..

Cajamarca Tours Peru  Inca Baths

Inca Baths

79 ° C. Temperatures, its sources are considered as the most important of the continent see more.

full day tour to Nazca lines

Cajamarca Classic 3D2N

Visit Cajamarca and its most important attractions in a package of 3 days. see more











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